People love stories.

If you can tell a story that relates to your audience, it will capture their attention. Great presentations are stories. Here’s an example of a presentation in a story format.

Here's the flow: Context, Problem, Solution, Benefits and finally Call to Action


Singapore, home to 5 million Singaporeans, has one of the highest standards of living.

Identify the Problem

But beneath all that luxury, lies low-income families and individuals facing financial difficulties. Meet John. He supports his kids by taking on two jobs. As a cleaner, he juggles between washing dishes and cleaning up after people at the hawker centre.

It’s exhausting, and he doesn’t know how to make things better at work. When John finally ends work, he still has an 8 hours rigorous night shift as a security guard. John returns home exhausted, but his suffering doesn’t end there. He still has bills that he has difficulty paying off. John works really hard, but he still does not have enough money to pay off his bills. John wonders if there is hope for him.


The Progressive Wage Model is a targeted approach that the Singapore government took to help older and more vulnerable workers – like John – to advance the career ladder at their age.
It helps them pay off bills by increasing their pay from $800 to a minimum of $1000. This is 25% higher than today’s median basic wage of a cleaner.

But the PWM doesn’t stop there. It goes further by rewarding these workers based on their skills and productivity and providing more opportunities for them to upgrade themselves.

The respective union clusters make sure that the PWM fits the industry, by tailoring the model to what they need. This way, both employers and employees will benefit.


So let’s talk about John. His pay gets a boost to $1000 and he’s ready to learn more and work smarter, so his boss presents him with a chance to join a training workshop, to learn how to do things more efficiently.

The more he learns, the better he works, and the higher his pay. Now John is able to live life comfortably and happily. His employer enjoys greater productivity as a result. While he was hesitant about the finances of training and pay rises, he now sees the long-term pay-off.

Call to action

We’ve talked about John. Now let’s talk about you. If you know anyone who might benefit from the PWM, show them this video so they’ll know how it might help them. If you’re an employer, thank you. Your investment is helping your employees in ways you can never imagine.

Not any of the above? You can always help by doing your part. There are Johns all around you – and the best way to make their day is by letting them know that they’ve done a great job!

Great Presentations tell a story. Take a look at the story we have told below. Hope this inspires you. Cheers!

Featured Image: From HighSpark; Video: From Gram