You may have wonderful slides,

but if you’re someone who does not know how to present, the presentation might turn out to be a flop. If you relate to the above, fret not! We are here to help you with the 8 most basic things a good presenter should have.


  1. Be A Storyteller
  • This will help create a flow in your presentation
  • Start with your origin/problem then develop it, ease in the solution and conclude strong
  • Take your audience on a journey through your presentation
  • It will make you a strong presenter that is able to keep your audience’s attention



  1. Body Language
  • Always SMILE, it will make you look friendly and approachable
  • Never block your audience’s view and stand in front of the screen
  • Keep a good body posture, meaning no slouching or having a lazy leg
  • Without good posture, it will just make you look lazy and make the presentation feel unimportant


  1. Prepare
  • Always know your content like it’s the back of your hand
  • Make a script if necessary, so you know the flow when prepping
  • Don’t use a script in the actual presentation, by then you should know your content to its fullest
  • Your slides are there to help you, remind you of the points you need to talk about
  • You can glance at the slides but never stare at them


  1. Familiarize
  • Get familiar with the venue and equipment
  • Always do a test run before your audience comes in
  • When you are familiar, your set up will be quick and easy
  • This is to prevent you from wasting your audience’s time


  1. Unnecessary Toggling
  • Avoid toggling in and out of your slides
  • If not fully prepared, meaning all windows opened on standby, it will make you look unprofessional
  • However, with Flide, you are able to embed web content into your slides, thus settling your toggling trouble


  1. Confidence Is Key
  • Don’t freak out if something goes wrong (which shouldn’t if you follow point 4)
  • Keep cool and settle the issue quickly and calmly
  • Talk with confidence and coherence
  • Make sure you sound crisp and clear
  • Project your voice
  • Always modulate, if you sound dull throughout the presentation, your audience will feel dull too


  1. Interruptions
  • Many presenters often face interruptions in between presentation
  • It often cuts off a presenter’s flow and might throw some of them off
  • Don’t be afraid of interruptions
  • Handle them professionally and quickly with confidence, then get back to where you left off
  • Before you start your presentation, you can remind your audience to keep their question until the end as a precautionary measure


  1. Keep It Short and Sweet
  • Try to keep your presentation clear and concise
  • After the 20 minutes mark, usually audiences will just get bored
  • Even though we want to keep it short, it does not mean to rush through your content
  • You don’t always need to put everything in your slides! Read our article on ‘10 Tips For An Effective Presentation‘ to find out how!


Now that you know all these things, you are set to go ace your presentation! Remember to always smile, be prepared and be confident!