6 Steps for a Great Case Study for your pitch

Case studies are one of the most effective tools to convince your audience of your company and product.

It is important to put together a good case study so that your audience can fully understand your company better and as well as what your product can bring.

So let’s begin this 6-step tutorial on putting together the perfect case study for you.

Step 1
Pick a case study, preferably one that showcases, a representative of your ideal customer that is well-versed in how your product works and of course one that has an incredible outcome.

Step 2
Create a title that makes your audience curious. This way you can grab their attention for what you are about to say next. Include relevant and enough information so that it is clear enough to know the topic only.

Step 3
Tell a story. This is the part where you briefly go through your case study. Try to keep it relevant and interesting.

Write an abstract that can summarize the question you set out to answer, the methods you used, the subjects of your case study and a short conclusion. Briefly explain the main highlights and mention how successful it was.

Step 4
This will be the second part of your storytelling. The only difference is that in this step, you should go into more details.

Details such as:
• Duration of the project
• Ups and downs
• List of activities incorporated (if any)
• Resources used
• Factors that impacted the case study
• How each factor made a difference in the outcome
• Try including comments of people that were part of it

With all these details, your audience can further understand your case study.

Step 5
By this step, your story should be done and it is time to bring out the big guns!

This is where you include all real numbers and data you’ve collected from your case study. Statistics are always important because numbers never lie. Adding charts and graphs will be useful.

You should show the numbers of before and after, showing how this case study has impacted your company or project/product.

Additional pictures will be good as well. It will give your audience a sense of what it was like during the case study and also how the people there responded towards it.

Step 6
Your last and final step is to conclude, as usual. This part should be the clearest and most concise of all.
Specify whether or not you believe this case study was a success or not and your areas of improvement. Explain how this case study impacted your company too. Here’s an example.


Here are the 6 steps to help you put a case study together. Remember that case studies are always useful and you can always use it to prove a point and support your pitch further. If you want to know how to create a pitch presentation, do check out our article on ‘Guide To A Pitch Presentation’.