5 Rules for Startup Pitch Decks

Rule 1: Focus on only the 3 most intense Pains
People have a lot of problems they want to solve. It is great that your app solves all of them but choose the top 3. If you talk about all the problems, it will distract the investor from the main pains and dilute your idea.
You may have more, but you can always talk about it if asked. Stay focused.


Rule 2: Do not explain the Technology
Tech always changes. People will eventually copy your tech, even if you are the smartest guy in the world. Focus on the concept and experience you are delivering, the problem you are trying to solve.


Rule 3: Always have numbers
Who are you pitching to? Investors? What do investors want? Money! Talk about the Target Addressable Market , then zoom in to your target market segment and take 20 – 35% market share and work from there. Here’s how to identify the correct market size.

Investors always discount your projections.

So go ahead and give your most optimistic numbers

Rule 4: Competitive Advantage and Sustainability
I believe you are different from your competitor. However, can you sustain it in the long run? Investors want to know how do you stop others from copying you once you launch?
You can create partnerships within your value chain. Better if this is exclusive.
You can build a community of users that creates user generated content, ensuring you stay relevant.


Rule 5: The Team
Always talk about why your team is suited to solve this problem. What experience do you have that makes you better at solving this problem than others?
Investors invest in the team and your passion more than the idea really.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions. Will write more posts soon and good luck on your startup!. 🙂