Yes, Powerpoint is great, it is versatile and flexible. However, here are 3 things PowerPoint can improve on.

1. Difficult to plan out content
Ever tried to create a deck and had to refer to the previous and next slide to see if it flowed? You tend to lose sight of the big picture while creating your slides, especially if you have a lot of slides to create.


2. Boring Templates
Ever used a Powerpoint template and people said it was amazing? Which of this look amazing to you? Hmm.. These looks like themes more than templates.
Templates should look more like this, saving you time to design awesome slides


3. Static and non-interactive
Static slides make people go to sleep. Especially if you are not a charismatic presenter. What if slides could be more interactive, allowing people to hide details on top of main points, like this.


Interactive Slides

We are working on a solution.

Flide, a cloud based presentation software will help you make awesome slides easily at half the time than it takes using Powerpoint.


Stay tuned as we go live soon.

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