Beautiful Presentation Pitch Decks

Flide is an Online Presentation Pitch Deck Software that Creates Beautiful Pitch Decks in Minutes.

What is Flide?

We know that presentations are important for closing deals. That is why you spend time and energy creating impressive sales deck, to deliver the best presentation to your clients.

Flide is a tool that we built to help you enhance this process, so you can deliver your best results.

  • Create beautiful presentations
  • Integrate with other apps
  • Manage your sales materials
  • Present live anywhere
  • Analyse your performance

Smarter design tools

We make impressing your audience with your beautiful presentations a breeze.

Integrated image library

A picture speaks a thousand words. Our beautiful background visuals are just a click away. Your clients will be impressed at how much effort you put into your presentation.

Pre-filled decks

A presentation’s flow is crucial to delivering an cohesive presentation. From pitching, corporate profile, proposals, and more, we have designed pre-filled decks for you with real content, not just lorem ipsum.

Standardized branding

Consistent design makes your brand look professional. That is why we make standardizing fonts and colors easy for your entire team. We also make it easy to filter fonts to suit different presentations.

Present web content

Pull any web content you see on the web into your presentation, or integrate with other web apps. From importing files and content, to dynamic data and charts, interactive audience engagement, powerful call to actions, even tracking your presentation performance and more.

This makes your presentation highly dynamic and incredibly powerful to leave an impact on your clients.

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More benefits of Flide

We use the latest technology to help you manage sales better

Present live anywhere

Present to anyone, at anywhere with your custom url. You will always be ready to give a presentation instantly, even on your phone. Anyone around the world can join in and follow your presentation live too.

Cloud-based platform

Manage your sales materials in our library that you can access anywhere, even within a presentation. Changes made are instantly updated to everyone, keeping your sales team ever-ready with the latest materials.

Analytics insight

Monitor your presentations’ performance to see which ones resulted in the best deals. Track your audience engagement level to determine which content is most effective. Refine and improve your presentation with data.

Supercharge your presentation with Flide

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